Berikut chord gitar lagu Ramadhan yang dipopulerkan Maher Zain. Penyanyi asal Swedia yang memiliki garis keturunan Lebanon, Maher Zain merilis lagu Ramadhan pada 2013. Setelah lagunya yang berjudul Insya Allah itu disukai para pendengar.

LaguRamadhan menunjukkan rasa suka cita dalam menyambut bulan yang penuh berkah. Dm Am You lift me up high Bb You spread my wings C And fly me to the sky Dm Am I feel so alive Bb It's like my soul C Thrives in your light Dm C But how I wish you'd be Gm A Here with me all year around Dm C Ramadan Ramadan Bb C Ramadanu Ya Habib C7 Bb Ramadan Ramadan Gm Am Laytaka Dawman Qareeb Interlude: Dm Bb C Am Bb Gm A Dm Am Love is everywhere Bb So much peace C Fills up the air Dm Am Ramadan month of the Quran Bb I feel it inside of me C strengthening my Iman A F Bb I just love the way you make me feel F Every time you come around Bb you breathe life into my soul Gm And I promise that I'll try C throughout the year Dm C Bb To keep your spirit alive Dm C Bb In my heart it never dies Dm Oh Ramadan


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